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About Us


Chemistry is one of the branches of science which is very interesting, innovative, and scoring. If you can grip the basic fundamentals of Chemistry, you can easily master this subject. But without proper study materials and practice, one cannot reach its goal. All About Chemistry provides you the platform to get all the materials and so also provide you mock tests, progress test sessions so that you can reach your goal easily and fruitfully.

Completely free:

Yes, this website is completely free. In the market, you will come across many educational centers and competitive websites, where you will get study materials. But the majority of them are either expensive or not up to the grade. But the All About Chemistry is completely free.

Quality Materials:

If you go through our materials, you will certainly understand the difference between our materials and others. Based on the standard, we sieve our materials, Practice sets, and MCQ questions.

We provide:

In this website, you will get Chapter wise study materials for Standard VIII to Master Degree Level, JEE, NEET, KVPY, Olympiads, and also for public competitive exams like UPSC, WBCS, SSC, and PSC.

We know that only learning the lessons is not enough to progress. You require to practice. That’s why we provide you-Progress tests and Mock Tests. All these exams are online. Aspirants will get to know their scores immediately after they submit their answers.

We follow the following technique-

  1. At first, we provide the syllabus for that particular exam.
  2. Then, we clearly highlight the portions on which aspirant needs to focus.
  3. Then we provide the study material subject and topic-wise.
  4. After the material, we provide a chapter test. Which is a short, time-bound test, just to check whether the chapter is clear or not.
  5. We provide suggestions from different sources, so that you may also go through it if you need to know about that topic in more detail.
  6. All the topic are properly explained with relevant diagrams, images (where required)
  7. At the end of each chapter, we also provide a podcast link to the chapter. We understand, that going through the computer or mobile screen is not possible all the time. That’s why we opted for this podcast, where the students can learn and revise the topic, just by listening.
  8. At last, we provide a series of Progress tests and Mock tests.

You may contact us –

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Biswajit Das

Biswajit Das