Solid State Class 12-Practice Set

Solid State Practice Set

Solid-state is one of the important chapters for CBSE and ISC exams.Here I have provided you a Practice Set of the chapter.

Complete the Theory of this chapter (CLICK), Short Question and Answer (CLICK) and MCQ test (CLICK)

  1. Fill in the blanks:
    1. In a closed packed array of N spheres, the number of tetrahedral holes are _____ and the number of octahedral holes are ______.
    2. The closest packing sequence ABCABC represent ______ centred and ____ packing.
    3. Each unit cell of NaCl consists of ______ Cl ions and Na+ ions.
    4. AgBr crystal shows both _______ and ________ defects.
    5. The percentage of unoccupied spaces in fcc and bcc are _____ and ______ respectively.
  2. Solve the following-
    1. CsCl has a cubic structure. Eight corners are occupied by Cs + and Cl at the center or vice-versa. Calculate the interionic distance and the ratio of the radius of Cs+ to Cl. Molecular mass of CsCl= 168.36 and density is 3.97g/cm3.  
    2. A unit cell consists of a cube in which there are A atoms at the corners and B atoms at the face centers. Two A atoms are missing from the two corners of the unit cell. What is the formula of the compound?
    3. The nearest neighbour Ag atoms in the Silver crystal are 2.87 x 10-8 cm apart. Presuming fcc structure of the crystal, what will be the density of the silver.
    4. Al crystallises in a cubic close-packed structure with a metallic radius of 125 pm. Calculate the length of the side of the unit cell and how many unit cells are there in 1cc of Al?
  3. Provide a difference between-
    1. The n-type and p-type semiconductor
    2. Octahedral and tetrahedral void
    3. Ferromagnetic and Ferrimagnetic substance.
  4. Answer the following-
    1. Derive the relation between the octahedral radius (r) of the void and the radius(R) of the spheres in close packing.
    2. What is Ferroelectricity?
    3. Why ferromagnetic substances make permanent magnets?
    4. What is the effect of Frenkel and Schottky defect on electrical conductivity?
    5. Why does pure silicon which is an insulator behave as a semiconductor on heating?
    6. Why Frenkel defect is not found in the halides of alkali metals?
    7. What are interstitial defects in a crystal?

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