Practice Set|Alkyl Halides

Practice Set of Alkyl Halides

After completing the Preparation and Reactions of alkylhalides and chlorobenzene, try out this Practice set. It will help you to have a clear idea about the chapter.

  • Convert the following:                                   
    • Ethanol to but-1-yne
    • Ethane to bromoethene
    • Propene to 1-nitropropane
    • Toluene to benzyl alcohol
    • Propene to propyne
    • Benzene to toluene
    • Aniline to iodobenzene
    • Methane to acetylene
    • Acetone to methane
    • Ethyl chloride to propanoic acid
    • Chlorobenzene to p-dichlorobenzene without using Fe/Cl2
    • 1-bromo propane to 2-bromopropane
  • Complete the following reaction:
Practice Set|Alkyl Halides
  • Convert the following
Practice Set|Alkyl Halides
  • Why the following reaction is impossible?
Practice Set|Alkyl Halides
  • Identify A to H.
Practice Set|Alkyl Halides
  • Write the function of the following reacgents:                                                                                                               
    • (CH3CH2)2CuLi
    • Alc KOH
    • NBS/hν
    • Br2/CCl4
    • Fe/Cl2
  • Write short note on                                
    • Saytzeff’s rule
    • Peroxide effect
    • Finkelstein reaction
    • Swarts reaction
    • Wurtz-Fittig reaction

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