Basic Concept of Chemistry-Class 11

  1. A solution of crystalline oxalic acid is prepared by dissolving 0.63g of H2C2O4. 2H2O in 250 cc of solution. Calculate the molarity and normality of the solution.
  2. 214.2g of an aqueous solution of sugar contains 34.2 g of sugar. Calculate the molality of sugar.
  3. The density of 3M solution of NaCl is 1.25g/mL. Calculate the molality of solution.
  4. An aqueous solution of HCl is 38% by mass and its density is 1.19g/mL. Calculate the molality and molarity of the solution.
  5. A sample of sulphuric acid contains 13% Sulphuric acid by mass and its density is 1.02g /mL. Calculate the molality, molarity and normality of this sample.
  6. A gas mixture contains 60% nitrogen, 15% Oxygen, and 25% Carbon dioxide by mass. Calculate the mole fraction of each gas.
  7. Calculate the mole fraction of water in a mixture of 12g water, 108g of acetic acid and 92g ethanol.
  8. 1.325 g of Na2CO3 are dissolved and volume of solution is made 250mL by adding water. 20mL of sulphuric acid neutralizes 25 mL of sodium carbonate solution. What is the normality and strength of sulphuric acid in g/L?
  9. 25 mL of N/20 oxalic acid are completely oxidized by 20 mL of KMnO4 solution in acidic medium. Calculate the normality and strength of KMnO4 solution in g/L.
  10. 1.25g of a mixture of sodium carbonate and sodium sulphate is present in 250mL aqueous solution. 25mL of this solution is completely neutralized by 20 mL of 0.1 N sulphuric acid. Calculate the % composition of the mixture.

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